Company Culture


Ensure4Life is a group of independent life, health, property, casualty, certified agents licensed by multiple states, including California, that work directly with financial partners throughout the United States and internationally to provide financial solutions to their clients. Through a range of assistances offered including life and health insurance, annuities, student and travel insurance plans, our company aims to provide opportunities for individuals and families seeking financial security and protection.

Founded in 1848, our primary partner National Life Group shares a similar mission-driven and purpose-filled vision with our company. We aim to do good in our communities and provide peace of mind to individuals and families as they plan for their retirement and build their financial agenda.

Our Vision

To prepare individuals and families for future financial challenges and protection from financial loss, as well as plan for retirement.

Our Mission

To provide our clients the financial resources and tools necessary to educate and prepare them in any unforeseen crisis, as well as address successful financial goals.

Our Values

The focus is on empowering our clients to make smart decisions by guiding and coaching them in a constructive manner through our high-quality services.

prepare yourself for when Life happens

Retirement Plan

Create your lifetime income source with products such as annuities. 


 We offer a variety of top companies to choose from Individual, Family and Business Plans. 

Life Insurance

Insurance with Living Benefits, Accumulated Cash Value for college or other expenses, Accumulated Cash Value and Life Time Income Rider and Death Benefit.

 Travel Protection

We offer Worldwide Travel Insurance during your travels.

Plan Your Financial Goals with us 

Our business partners have up to 178 years of experience in financial services including life insurance, annuities and investment products. It’s time to leverage your financial future with experience that matters. We want to ensure that your best financial interests are preserved and achieved!