Travel Coverage Options

Travel Coverage Options

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Travel Medical

Temporary coverage for medical expenses & emergency evacuations when traveling outside of your home country.

International Medical Coverage

International Health

International Health Insurance provides long-term coverage to people living or working outside of their home country, typically for one year or longer.

Travel coverage offered Ensure4life

Travel Coverage

Travel insurance is the best way to protect your trip investment from the unexpected. Traveling is an exciting experience, and anything can happen while you are away from home.

What Sets Us Apart

We offer services that save you time and money, whether it’s one day coverage or long-term coverage, we can assist you in having the right coverage through our partners. Choose from 25 different Insurance Plans to coverage your goals.

We provide the resources to ensure you have the right protection to help you manage the crisis with over 800,000 doctors and hospitals in our global database.

It can be for business people, vacationers, students studying abroad, or international students.


  • 18 Languages Spoken In-House
  • Over 190+ countries where members are served


What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a plan you purchase that protects you from certain financial risks and losses that can occur while traveling. These losses can be minor, like a delayed suitcase, or significant, like a last-minute trip cancellation or a medical emergency overseas.

Most common people don’t know that when they travel outside of the United States, their medical insurance does not cover them during the time they are away. We find ourselves thinking We should be okay. The reality is that having an incident outside of the country can put you in a financial crisis; it can be the difference between living and dying. As a foreigner trying to find the resources to manage this crisis can put you in the lowest medical services in the country.


Worldwide Travel insurance including medical coverage for:

  • Students/Scholas
  • Business Travel & Employer
  • Vacation and Travel Protection
  • Visitor & Immigrant 
  • Expat& Global Citizens
  • Mission & Social Good
  • Marine Captain & Crew

Did you know?

Most of the reasons why people don’t get travel insurance is because they either think it is too expensive, time consuming or too complicated.


  • Benefits vary by plan. It’s important to choose a plan that fits your needs, your budget and your travel plans.
  • Travel insurance can’t cover every possible situation.
  • Travel insurance is designed to cover unforeseeable events – not things you could easily see coming, or things within your control. If, for example, you wait to buy insurance for your beach trip until after a named hurricane is hustling toward your destination, your losses wouldn’t be covered.
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Visitor / Immigrant 

Student / Scholar

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Expat / Global Citizen

Mission / Social Good

Marine Captain / Crew